If you want to install plugins in Notepad++, you’ll need to use the Plugin Admin feature. Here’s how to find it:

Open Notepad++ and go to the “Plugins” menu.

Hover over the “Plugins Admin” option in the dropdown menu.

Click on “Plugins Admin” to open the Plugin Admin window.

Alternatively, you can use the shortcut key “Ctrl+Alt+P” to open the Plugin Admin window.

Once you have the Plugin Admin window open, you can browse and search for plugins to install in Notepad++. There are a wide range of plugins available, from basic functionality like spell check to more advanced tools like FTP integration and code snippets.

Note that the Plugin Admin feature is only available in the Windows version of Notepad++. If you’re using Notepad++ on a different operating system, you’ll need to manually install plugins by downloading the appropriate files and placing them in the “plugins” folder within the Notepad++ installation directory.